About the Project


Here you can find more information about CEframe!

CEframe is facing the challenge of jointly managing several transnational waterbodies which are unifying regions with strong interdependence in the CENTROPE region. The project region is characterised by specific geologic attributes and different types of land use, but common floodplains and comparable challenges concerning land use and hazards. In the project region not only upstream-downstream effects occur; the speciality lies in the fact that occurring floods also affect several countries simultaneously (on both river sides). This special situation calls for ambitious approach towards harmonised flood protection practice.

The overall aim of CEframe is to ensure sustainable integrated flood protection management in a region with densely used small-areas by different national authorities. The focus of CEframe lies in flood protection facility operation and maintenance and flood protection measures elaboration for CENTROPE. CEframe will support the three phases of prevention, contingency and reconstruction in the cycle of flood risk management.

During CEframe the organisational basis for ongoing transnational communication, communication in case of contingency and standards for exchange of knowhow and experience in a transnational river basin will be elaborated. CEframe regards both "hard" features like protection facilities and structures, and "soft" features - it intends elaboration and institutionalisation of structural and non-structural measures for integrated flood protection management within a joint action plan. Flood protection facilities and management strategies will be jointly assessed. Methodology for flood protection will be harmonised, considering need to keep compliance to EU Flood Directive. Therefore CEframe will serve as best-practice example for approaching the requirements of EU flood Directive concerted and therefore acting in a much more efficient way. The different national practices of mapping and risk assessment of the partner countries will be compared and evaluated. An innovative element of Ceframe is the treatment of residual risk, which is unique and new for the programme area. Building up on first project results and information from all partners, a flood management plan will be jointly elaborated as synthesis. Activities and results will be demonstrated on basis of a selected pilot area spanning over all partner countries.

The support of transnational sustainable flood risk management will be carried out by the community acting over a web-based communication site, which will provide substantial information and an integrated multilingual thesaurus for the partners and decision makers. It is a sustainable result of CEframe, which will interlink the national platforms, bilateral water commissions and stakeholder organisations and will pre prepared, implemented and tested during the project. It is intended to be maintained after the end of CEframe and support the partners in their daily work. Participating in the community and using the community services, authorities and decision makers in the field of flood management will be continuously informed about flood protection facilities and strategies in the whole project region. Each project partner will be able to take strategic position in managing a transnational river basin and to get information from participating nations concerning flood protection, potential damages and risk as well as measures and procedures for the future.

During implementation, besides other public participation activities, CEframe activities and results will be presented as a best practice example to other regions in CENTRAL EUROPE programme area. This will make CEframe results sustainable and they will be directly transferable to other regions or countries. They shall be encouraged to apply CEframe methodologies and, in a next step, enhance the community by integrating further information and extending the spatial coverage after finalisation of the CEframe project.